New Beginnings


I used to have a blog, which I update on a regular basis based on my utmost and sincere feelings and emotions.  However, it was vandalised by a group of girly skanks. I posted how I felt and I got cyberbullied days after which led to a meltdown on my social media. I deleted my instagram, tumblr as well as my then WordPress. It was the ultimate black hole of my life as I was ridiculed by a bunch of immature youngsters. Here I am, months after,  standing and building my confidence up again.    This is my humble space, where I put up photos of my life/experience/encounters, and hope to slowly build up a portfolio for interested parties’ perusal. Not to forget, to forge relationships among other bloggers/photographers so that I can gain plenty more inspiration for my amateur skills. 

A big shout out to my friends (whom shielded me from retaliation then), my sisters, my ex bf (for being a dear friend to me still), my dad, my colleagues (who reminded me how youthful and free I am) and God of course.

I’ll be heading to Hong Kong in June for a very last minute meet up with my best friend (who will be from Korea) and I can’t wait for the reunion!


//Please respect my space and negativity will be greatly ignored/removed.//


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