A Pleasant Surprise


(VSCO: Pleasant Surprise, Adinrxd)

The beautiful sun rays caress my skin. The golden glimp of sunlight reflecting from your eyes that they are blinding mine. I can’t look into his eyes. Fear of falling.  Falling in to deep confusion like I did before. You called me to hurry. I was annoyed as I quickly dry my hair and grab my keys and walk out. Vending machine. What I usually say when we’re meeting. Just washed my face, come to my house first.  Without any hesitant, I change my route to the left instead of the usual right. Cursing in my head and wondering why was I being rushed when he was not even close to ready. Door closed. I opened the door and was about to raise my voice because I was annoyed.  And there he was.

With a sunflower getting more attention than  him – plates all ready and properly arranged, pancakes, eggs on French bread, roasted tommies. Its hard to surprise me because I’m pretty paranoid. But he always always managed to.

He is my ex lover, currently friends

I don’t wish to think about the past.  And I dint wish to let any of those bad memories or perhaps nightmares to affect me now and in the future. I’ve yet to meet a guy that is meant for me. I’m not looking for him neither am I waiting on him. Once in a while I’ll wonder, but most of the time, I’m living.


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