Solo Travel Planning: New Zealand Part 1


(“Beautiful Chinagmai”- 2/03/16)

Perhaps it’s my goal of the year; to travel alone & to head to New Zealand.  First of all, I am on a tight budget (approx. SGD$3,000) and I don’t have any sponsors from Dad or even the privilege to put on it on credit. Secondly, I’ll be approximately 8,525 km away from home so I am uncertain if my Dad is “okay” with it (esp the fact that I’m heading there solo). Thirdly, I will have much difficulty finding a cheap flight or even a bearable flight there. I will really appreciate some tips or advice or even recommendations to help me improve my planning.

1. Finding a Flight
Okay, I’ve decided on the city that I would want to travel to – Queenstown.  And I will fly in November and for about 2 weeks. I’ve been checking on flights from Singapore to Queenstown but unfortunately there are not many options. My crazy budget for flight is at most $1.2k. So I guess my options were to book two different airlines. Since Jetstar will head to Auckland, I will book a flight to Auckland and book another flight from Auckland to Queenstown via Air New Zealand.  But it was nerve-wracking to find a suitable timing because either the flight timings clash or I have to spend a night at the aiport (which threatens my safety, I believe). Despite the cost for such flight plan is almost irresistible, I don’t think that I would risk my security for a few hundreds. Jetstar do fly to Christchurch and Wellington but I couldn’t get any flights on the given month (I would try again in a few months time). It would really help if the airlines open up schedule to Christchurch because it’s nearer to Queenstown and also, they might have a more suitable timing. I am waiting for my University results so, if they were to reject me, I will book my NZ tickets in June. But if I’m accepted, my NZ plans will have to be postpone to term holidays.  So for now, flight plans – KIV. 

2. Accommodation
Since I’m on a tight and an almost impossible budget, my budget for accommodation is ridiculously low – $50 per night. Hostel or airbnb apartments are my only choices. Which I don’t really mind because I’ll be jumping from one place to another, so accommodation won’t have much petty consideration.  So, I think I shall seal my flight first.

3. Activities/Highlight of Trip
Bungy jumping.  or perhaps skydiving…… Yes I would do both if I have 5k to spend but I don’t so I have to choose either one. I would also be interested to do trekking  (as of now I am not fit to but I will train my ass off for trekking). If I’ve got driving licence, I would drive around town and go for road trips.  But I don’t, so I might consider a driver or a guide (at a affordable price of course). Oh and work on my Photography skills with the scenic city.

These are currently what’s on my mind. Just a rough idea. But definitely not a great start. To be frank, I hate planning for holidays or trips because it’s such a hassle. I will definitely update more on my plans  and what I’ve researched on.  If you have any comments or advise please do leave one below! I would really appreciate it because I am so clueless!


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