The “Ideal” Guy


I’ve been single for almost 2 months now. And I am definitely not in a rush to commit in a new relationship. How do people starts anew so quickly where here I am still struggling to get over my previous relation-shit. I used to have a list of qualities of what my boyfriend would be. However, it turned out way opposite of what I yearn for. Even in the beginning, my hope was crushed and expectations backfired.
In this recovery phase, I don’t have any expectations of what my future companion would be like. Whoever the “Ideal” Guy God has planned for me, I know he will mend this broken heart and will love me like my previous didn’t manage to. He might not be rich but I’m sure he would be loaded with great personality and humility. He will teach me how to be a good woman and how respect are earn between two affectionate souls. He might not be highly educated but I am sure he will be hardworking.

Whoever he is, I want to let him know that I do not need lavish life or gifts to be impress. I would like to meet someone sincere and kind as I would, to my other half.

(picture taken from my Samsung  Note 5: “And He left”)


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