Humble Beginnings


Great people starts from humble beginnings. While lucky people starts off from a harbour of  mountain water and gold lands. I am great – the fact that God gave me a life full of lessons and hardship experiences. He had never made it easy for me.

I used to think that my life falls-back way behind rich people just because of my middle-income background. I used to believe that my life was pathetic based on a bunch of amateur little girls’ judgements. I used to fall into the dark hole of intense depression because of a ruined relationship and a psychotic third party. I picked up the shit people threw at me for that whole embarrasing month.  People throwing mean remarks at me on the web as if they’re God themselves.  I’ve grown much much more and I would like to thank them for teaching me  a whole lot of life lessons. Let them devour in their own luxury self while I build up a stronger heart and a wiser mind.

I will let you in like a reader reading a book. I will share bits and pieces of my life for my own records and for your own reference.

Here, you will see my talent in sketching, words, thoughts and also pictures of my beautiful life and also others surrounding me. Let me show you how beautiful life is and not any one can ever bring you down. No one owns you. The beautiful mind is the greatest God’s creation. Think before you decide. Decide before you talk.

This is my share of life that I hope you are able to respect and try to comprehend.  

Let her run away. The wild at heart.


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